Race Preparation

So you’re going racing eh? Whether it’s triathlon, road or mountain, you don’t need us to tell you how important bike prep is. Changing chain lube and derailleur jockey wheels on a perfectly good drivetrain can be worth up to 4W of your valuable power, so imagine the energy you’re wasting if your bike is overdue some attention.

Friction Facts in the US are doing some serious research on which drivetrain components actually make you go faster, and we have access to all their findings. We know which components actually make you go faster, and we stock them. No hype, no BS, just research-backed facts. Refreshing huh?

Cannondale Slice prep
Chrissie Wellington’s old Cannondale Slice gets the treatment

Race prep package: £50

We start with a thorough drivetrain cleandown and re-lube with the slipperiest of slippy chain lubes available, and from there we will careful examine every moving part of your bike and ensure that it is performing optimally. Gears and brakes will be fine-tuned to perform beautifully. Wheels will be trued and tensioned if required. At extra cost, we can also offer the following:

– Hubs: We can replace your wheel bearings with better-than-Dura-Ace grade 10 precision bearings bathing in Finish Line Teflon grease and adjust them to perfection. Sealed cartridge bearings? We stock the super high quality SKF Explorer series in all common sizes.

– Rims: We can re-tension your wheels for power transfer and minimal flex. Not enough? We build shit hot race wheels, and they needn’t be as expensive as you think. Call for a chat about your needs.

– Tyres: You are on good tyres right? nothing is more important. If you’re going to spend a few quid upgrading, this is where to spend it.

– Brakes: You can’t go fast if you don’t know you can stop. We’ll make sure you can. We carry pads from Aztec for the roadies and the great new range of disc pads from Yorkshire boys RWD for the mudlovers. Hydraulic bleeding is of course available if required.

So, what are the downsides? Simple. You won’t be able to blame the bike.